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African Leadership Institute

The African Leadership Institute is a non-profit organisation with the ambition to equip and develop leaders to transform Africa. The Institute was founded in 2005 by Dawie Fourie and by February 2013 have trained more than 1000 leaders.

ALI presents leadership development schools to emerging and established leaders from the business sector, church, educational system and government. The schools consist of 3 full weeks of training and 4 weekends of training spread out over 2 calendar years. 

Extensive pre- and post-course reading as well as a mentorship program forms an integral part of the leadership development process. The curriculum focuses on Servanthood, Influence, the Truth and Results as four key leadership pillars throughout the training to ensure that transformational leadership development takes place. Lithon currently supports and sponsors a "Municipal School" over a period of 3 years to the value of N$ 1.5 million. One of our shareholders/Directors is also a lecturer at the school. The focus of the Lithon Municipal Academy is to empower senior Municipal Management on how to run an effective Municipality. The slogan is "How to get the job done".

Some of the topics covered in the curriculum are inter alia:  

  • Strategic Planning
  • Record Keeping & Archiving
  • Town Planning
  • Operations/Maintenance
  • Project Implementation
  • Service Delivery Standards
  • Strategic/Long Term Planning/Budgeting
  • Tender Board Regulations and Procurement 

The Municipal Team More information can be found on their website:

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