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Dordabis Pre-Primary School

Dordabis is a small rural community south east of Windhoek. The majority of the community consists of older people and children and it is usually grandparents who look after their grandchildren while the parents work in Windhoek. The vast majority are shack dwellers and unemployment is very high, as the only employment opportunities are work on the farms in the Dordabis area. It is a very poor community with the usual social evils that is associated with poverty like alcohol abuse and high HIV prevalence.

Marilene Joubert, living on a farm near Dordabis, who also has a teacher's diploma, saw the plight of the local primary school at Dordabis in 2005 and rallied the local farmers and Windhoek corporate to make a difference by donating to the Primary School Dordabis. In 2008, through hard work and dedication, she obtained more than N$400 000 and built a pre-primary school at Dordabis. The school is managed by her and operates through donations she obtains from organisations and companies like Lithon Foundation. All the children are fed a well-balanced meal daily, which is often their only proper meal for the day. Since the parents of these children are unable to care for them properly, this school provides them with clothes and shoes. The children are happy and thrive on the love and food which is in abundance at the school.

Their next project involves a bigger kitchen and recreation room with a library to encourage afternoon activities, like cooking, baking, knitting and sewing. Their aim is to involve grade 5 and older girls of the primary school. 

Teenage pregnancies are very high in Dordabis and interaction with these girls, will make a difference in their lives and future

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