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The Bible Society of Namibia

The Bible Society of Namibia is an interdenominational, non-profit organisation tasked with the mission to translate and distribute the Word of God to the people in Namibia, in their mother-tongue languages, at prices they can afford. The Bible Society exists to put a Bible in the hands of every Namibian - their passion and dream!

In existence since 1979, they have an active staff complement of 18 members, all differently involved in Bible translation, distribution, fundraising and many other programs such as the Trauma Healing Network, operating throughout Namibia. 

To achieve this enormous task, the Bible Society engages in a number of different fundraising activities throughout the year like the annual Walk for Bibles, Winter Cycle Classic, Coin Harvestings at schools and of course the anchor fundraising project, the Bible Investors Club. All of the above mentioned activities enable them to distribute Bibles at an affordable price to Namibian people!

They are enormously grateful towards their sponsors, prayer partners, donors and members who support them to invest in the lives of the Namibian Nation! 

Their vision is to "Share the Hope, Share the Bible, Share the Impact!"

Lithon Foundation supports the 'Bible a month' project.

More information can be found on their website:

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